Minamata Convention: Initial Assessment in Turkey Inventory Training was held in Hilton Garden Inn in Eskişehir, Turkey between 29th – 31st  January, 2018.  The meeting began with opening speeches of Department of Chemicals Head of Division Ms. Bursev Doğan Artukoğlu and UNIDO International Expert Prof. Ivan Holoubek.  There were 12 women, 13 men participants from related institutions and entities in the training.

UNIDO International Expert Prof. Ivan Holoubek presented Mercury and Environmental / Health Issues – properties, fate, behaviour, health and environmental impacts and risks, Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Mercury Releases – Introduction to the Inventory Level 1 and 2 concept, related sectors throughout the training. In the last day of the training participants worked on a case study in small groups and presented their conclusions. Training was closed after questions and answers.

Training Presentations